Pro Eagle Jacks: Accept No Imitations

Recently we were able to catch up with the Pro Eagle Jacks team.  An absolutely passionate, hardworking, smart, and dedicated group of off-road enthusiasts, with an incredible attention to detail for off-roaders’ needs. Why? Because they are off-roaders themselves.  We had the chance to chat with owner Chuck Foreman, to get a little bit of the Pro Eagle story from and current.

Dirt Chronicles: Can you explain the birth of Pro Eagle Jacks?

Chuck: I started Pro Eagle in 2013. It was an idea I took to one of the private label brands we already supply jacks to and they weren’t interested. They told me off-road was too small of a market and they passed on it, and Pro Eagle was born that day, because I took that as a challenge. 

Dirt Chronicles: Why do you think an off-road jack was needed?

Chuck: There was a large hole in the market. Jacks are built for passenger cars and without regard for trucks, SUVs or UTVs. All of the accessories are things we need when using them out of our garage. Nobody was offering a jack out of the box that would work for any of the vehicles “we” drive, or the conditions we drive in, so we made one with much more beef to it. 

Dirt Chronicles: What do you enjoy most about the off-road community?

Chuck: I love how big it is, but how intertwined, and how small it really is. The people you meet at events are some of the best this country has to offer.

Dirt Chronicles: What’s next?  Can you give a little hint if you have something new coming down the line?

Chuck: We are constantly changing and improving. The jacks we build today are so far advanced from what we started building in 2013. We have more improvements coming, larger capacities coming and something big for those customers that ask, where is it made? That is all I can say at this moment.

Dirt Chronicles:  Thanks Chuck!


The Pro Eagle team is constantly innovating and fulfilling a need most off-roaders had no idea they needed, and for many they have been game changers.  Their current product line up consists of jack’s ranging from 1.5/2/3 ton limits, CO2 Jacks, and many other much needed items for the trail or race course.





The Pro Eagle Jack can be found mounted on some of the most hard core vehicles, coolest trails, on course and in pits in some of the biggest races in the world, as well as your average everyday garage.

“I use Pro Eagle Jacks, because they make it just that much easier to roll the jack under a vehicle in almost any type of terrain.  I use Pro Eagle Jacks, because I don’t have to put myself at risk trying to wedge wood under the jack to get vehicles high enough to work on.  I use Pro Eagle Jacks, and if you don’t then f*ck you” Kyle Litten, UTV Enthusiast/UTV Source

“It’s clear when you look at any Pro Eagle Jack that they were all created through innovative ideas, a desire to deliver the highest quality, and an unquestionable passion for off-road racers and enthusiasts. We have put every model to punishing use racing, on our runs in Baja, and in the local deserts on some of the most unforgiving terrain imaginable. There is no other jack on the planet that even comes close to delivering the ruggedness, service, and most importantly confidence in the safety factor.”  Dustin Densmore, BK2BAJA/SCORE International Co-Driver

bk2baja pro eagle jacks prerrunner tundra dirt chronicles

“Our Pro Eagle 3 ton jack gets tossed from the race shop to the chase truck over and over because it is the only jack we’ve found that can handle the repeated abuse. We love that it was specifically designed for Baja racing, our vehicle preps, tear downs, and being drug through all the nasty dirt, rocks, and silt that we commonly encounter. 

We actually designed a spare tire case for the Phoenix Jack as well. Our UTV customers were looking for a small compact jack they could store out of the way and the Phoenix and DS jack fit perfectly. Lightweight and easy to strap down on your spare tire, this is another great product from Pro Eagle that sees repeated use out in the dirt.”  Matt Scarpuzzi, Savage UTV

Avid riders, drivers, and hardcore enthusiasts have made it quite clear which jack they choose.  Rather than one of the many cheap knockoffs on the market that have all but copied the design and style of Pro Eagle, the official Pro Eagle Jack is the pick of the off-road community.  

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