Anti-Off-Road Lunatic: Arrest Made in Moab, Utah

Let’s start out by giving a slow golf clap…nay, stand up and give it up to the Moab, UT Police Department!  Moab, UT widely known as one of the most beautiful off-road meccas in America has been under attack recently by what was originally thought to be just random acts of vandalism.  Stickers began popping up around town reading “UTV Noise is Child Abuse”.  Time went on, as more and more decals began popping up.  The decals were placed on public signs with gorilla glue, which made the removal process impossible without destroying the sign.  The cost of damage throughout the city reached over $15,000.  Eventually, the suspect was caught and identified on surveillance video.  A warrant was issued, and after authorities searched the man’s home, what was uncovered was more than anyone could have predicted. Boxes and boxes of the same stickers found around the city, some reading “Dead tourists don’t rent UTVs”, a cache of weapons set up in every bedroom, along with illegal drugs and an entire grow facility.

This soon became a case of more than a disgruntled citizen, and looked to be a full-blown domestic terrorist in the making.  It was clear this suspect had a very personal vendetta toward the off-road community, and it looked and sounded like he had a devious plan.  The 39-year-old suspect, who was previously employed as a National Park Service guide and as a boatsman for private companies, has been an outspoken crusader against tourism and the noise pollution from all-terrain vehicles in Moab and Grand County. Although we don’t agree him as we are avid off-roaders ourselves, the man is open to his own opinion, it’s what makes our nation so great. The difference here is these seem to be credible threats.  Typically when a person is placed under arrest, the media instantly points to the gun collection. Own all the firearms you’d like, it’s your right, but the second a verified and credible threat is made against law-abiding citizens, the situation changes and you should absolutely face the consequences.

Included in the investigation that began last June when then-Grand County Attorney Christina Sloan told Moab police that she had received a Facebook Message from the suspect in which he threatened Epic 4×4, a Moab ATV tour business.

“I will personally murder the owners of Epic 4×4 with an ax in their homes in front of their families if they do not move their predatory abusive business away from my home by the end of the summer,” the man purportedly told Sloan according to the police report. “I have PTSD and I have a legally justifiable avenue for murder. I do not care if I am executed in retaliation for this.”

The man allegedly wrote his mother last August, telling her he should murder his father for being a “terrible parent” and deserved to never speak to either of them again and to “burn your lonely, sad multiple houses to the ground for how [expletive deleted] up and damaging that was.”  It is absolutely clear the man is not in his right mind, and should not be on the streets.  In September, one of his longtime friends told police she had been on a six-day car trip with him to Spokane, Washington, and became increasingly alarmed over his deteriorating mental state.

Let us be thankful this man is now in custody, and we will watch this case closely as it unfolds.  Something that sparked our thoughts throughout this article:  Who is manufacturing these decals?  Nothing caused any kind of concern?  As always, stay safe out there fellow off-roaders, and if you see something – SAY SOMETHING.

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