SDHQ Ford F-150 A-Pillar LED Mounts: A Superior Product

We recently tested a set of cheap amazon purchased A-Pillar LED mounts for a 2020 Ford F-150, and instantly regretted it.  They wobbled, and shook immensely at even 5mph on a paved highway.  Aside from watching them wobble back and forth, the rattling sound was just too much.  We could only wonder how they would hold up in the dirt.

Thankfully SDHQ came through in a big way. Hailing out of Gilbert, AZ they are one of the top aftermarket off-road accessory dealers in the industry.  After our disaster with cheap mounts, we reached out to them, explained the issue, and the issue was eradicated quickly.  We obtained a set of their ‘15 to current  A-Pillar mounts. These new mounts have multiple mounting points thus making them much more sturdy, whereas the previous units had only one – which explains the wobbling. We paired these American made mounts with the Baja Designs’ XL Pro LED series that are not a light weight product, and we found quickly they were a match made in heaven.

We could not be more impressed with the final product and install, and can’t stress the quality of SDHQ enough.  At a retail price of $157.95 this kit comes with all the necessary hardware to complete the install.   Absolutely a superior product.

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