Matlock Racing and 60 Others Visit Baja Children’s Orphanage

In what has become a beautiful tradition Team Matlock once again made the trek over the border for an epic ride through San Quintin, Baja all for a good cause.  Dirt Chronicles was invited to join in for the incredible adventure!

Several weeks prior to the late July departure, Kristen and Wayne Matlock announced the trip via social media, and that they will be booking spots.

“Our annual off-road adventure along the coast of Baja to San Quintin will once again be 5 days long and will be from Thursday, July 29th – Monday, August 2nd!

The first night will be spent at Estero Beach Resort in Ensenada, Friday/Saturday night will be at Misión Santa María in San Quintin, and Sunday night will be back at Estero Beach…….. We will have two chase vehicles and trailers that will transport your gear bags. The ride is limited so be sure and send in your deposit soon to reserve your spot!

We are hoping to visit Foundation for His Ministry, the orphanage near San Quintin, again this year on Saturday depending on their COVID restrictions. We will be working with a few of our amazing sponsors for donations and anything you would like to contribute.”  – Posted via Facebook

Over 60 adventurers with 30+ UTVs accepted the invite for a very meaningful adventure, and set off meeting down at Estero Beach Resort in Ensenada.  This resort has long been a favorite of the Matlock crew as it suits all storage, lodging, and parking needs. The beautiful ocean views definitely don’t suck either.  Throughout the afternoon and into the night everyone continued arriving, and those that were already there set out on the town for a night of tacos!

The following morning (Friday) the entire group met outside for a quick driver’s meeting as we indulged on breakfast burritos, and we were off.  The 200 mile ride south was a beautiful one which included coastal views, famous Baja trails, and rides through local communities to which the people are always so welcoming.  It was nice to get in touch with the people of Baja while we rounded out the ride and entered San Quintin, Baja.

We arose early on Saturday morning preparing for our fairly short ride to the Foundation For His Ministry, the local children’s orphanage.  The facility which houses approximately 80 children poured into the yard as the 30 vehicles arrived.   Something that struck so many of our hearts were the youngest children dressed as comic book superheroes.  We were told by staff that some of them even slept in their costumes because they were so excited to show them off to us all!

The initial plan was to arrive and unload the flatbed trailer full of school supplies, clothing, sports equipment, and other goodies, but all the children were going crazy with excitement over the roar of the off-road engines.  Change of plans:  Get in kids!  Several hours of some of the funnest rides commenced.  Every child got at least one ride, others received several if they wanted.  Upon getting strapped in, the drivers took the children out for about a 10 minute ride in the open fields.  Due to Covid restrictions some of the children had masks on, but you can see some of the biggest smiles shining right through.  Every child had an incredible time, and there’s don’t doubt these memories will last a very very long time.  

While the children made their way back to eat lunch, a portion of us received a tour from the facilities director.  On the tour we learned the sad but true reality of many of these young girls’ prior lives.  Without getting into too much detail, we can assure you that life is much better for every single one of them.  While at Father for His Ministry they learn an abundance of skills, and there’s even a small very cute coffee shop on the grounds that is open to the public.  The children working there make coffee and smoothies, rung the front counter, and keep the business running smoothly.  All while earning a paycheck and learning valuable job skills for the future.  We were also informed that many of the children go on to college, and some even come back after college to help.  We can assure you each and every child is very well taken care of, and is set up for success in life.  It was an unforgettable experience to be welcomed into their lives.  

The trip was an absolute success. Everyone had so much fun enjoying the Baja coastal rides, and spending the day with some of the coolest kids around.  One young boy, about 12 years old pulled us aside and said “One day, I just know I am going to drive a Trophy Truck”.  (One of the biggest baddest off-road vehicles on earth.  These children dream big, and we look forward to watching these dreams come true someday.

Special Thanks to Get Some Photo for joining and providing us with various photos!

For a FULL in-depth look of the entire trip to Baja and visiting with the children – take at the video recap!

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