With King of the Hammers 2021 officially in the books, some incredible memories were made! Initially when we all heard we would not be permitted into “Hammertown” without showing a negative Coved-19 test within the past 7 days, OR purchase a rapid test for $20.00 (with a negative result of course), it naturally spiked many discussions over social media. On one side, you have those that complained behind their Smartphones, yet still attempting to pump their chests. They stated they refused to attend this year because of these rules – typing loudly “We are Americans, it’s unconstitutional to make me take a test!” Okay, so don’t come. Then we have the other side, those that thought: “I view this as a $20.00 entry fee, fine by me.” A simple task indeed to enjoy an epic adventure in the desert with family and friends. So, did anyone show up?

Ladies and Gentleman: Hammertown USA 2021!

This was all we could get in the shot. Rest assured the campers and fans stretched much farther left and right beyond what the lens could capture. The Ultra4 Racing crew, officials, and all involved did a hell of job putting on an amazing event. We can assure you the level of difficulty in putting on an event of this magnitude is extremely difficult to describe into words. The permits, insurance, and hoops so many people have to jump through with the BLM, all while under Governor Gavin Newsom’s reign are absolutely insane. Sometimes we all have to put up with a little extra crap to have an epic time. For those that decided to “sit this one out”, because your constitutional rights were being threatened, we all had a BLAST! Pun intended. Nearly every night we were out there was one of the largest and longest firework shows across all camps. Each night seemed to get larger than the last. It’s safe to say off-road fans are keeping camping trailer, and firework manufacturers in business. I think we can also agree the 4 A.M. professional fireworks and TNT blasts might have been a little unwanted by some, or many – judging by the threads throughout social media. Or perhaps some are living by the motto: If it’s too loud you’re too old. Consensus is, they were indeed loud!

All in all it was a great 2 weeks of off-road racing. Some racers added trophies to their case, while others were crowned first time champions. Unfortunately we were not at the event very long, but came through with a some good banger photos for you all to enjoy!